Like most theatre kids, Blair began her acting career in middle school. She's worked with Opera House Arts, FUSION Theatre Company, and Sleeping Weazel to name a few. Blair has trained with Tufts University (BA), Company OneCommonwealth Shakespeare Company,  Interlochen Arts Academy, and Tricklock Theatre Company. At Tufts University, she received the Goddard Rhetorical Prize for marked excellence in acting as demonstrated during her career on the university stage. She also was a part of HYPE! Mimez, the country's only collegiate mime troupe. In addition to mime, she has experience acting for camera, new play development, clowning, improv, and stage combat. Blair is currently enrolled in the EMC program with the Actor's Equity Association. 

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"As a retelling of Hamlet, Rosie is Ophelia if Ophelia were self-empowered and sassy. Nodelman lends good spirit to the role; Rosie suits her." - Talkin' BroadwayHumble Boy

"It’s the kind of short play that had the women in the audience sounding 'Mmmm' in unison at poignant moments. If that isn’t a trophy of honesty from a female-dominated audience, I don’t know what is." - The New England Theatre Geek, A Winter Gathering: Picture This

" These pieces are built on these quiet moments where the audience is allowed to sit with what they’re seeing and marvel at the beauty....Picture This has an emotional core that didn’t hit me until the final moments of the piece, but when it did, it’s a doozy." - Rabbit Reviews BostonA Winter Gathering: Picture This